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In order to get your home sold, you must learn to think like a buyer.  It’s only human nature to think that, all things considered, our home is worth more than our neighbors. After all, we have so many emotions wrapped up in our real estate.  Maybe it was our first home, or we’ve raised our family there and made many memories. In any case, it is worth noting that buyers buy for their reasons. Once you decide to sell your home, it is helpful to think of it as a product on the shelf.  Here are some no nonsense tips to help you get it sold smoothly.

Take your time and price it right from the start

Have your real estate agent run comparables of similar type properties which sold in the last 6 to 12 months. This will give you a pretty good idea of what the current market pricing will bear.  Also take note to the time each home sat on the market, how many times the price was reduced. There are a lot of reasons why one house will move quickly and another will languish on the market for a year, and price is definitely right at the top of the list. One fear of sellers is that they’ll list their home too cheaply. Believe me, if this happens, you will know it right away! You’ll have several full price offers to pick from  and then you can decide if you’ll accept one of them, or whether you’ll make a counter offer for more than your original asking price. Either way, it’s a great problem to have. Also when you overprice your home, interest wanes as time goes on and you usually need to do something to renew interest. Again, pricing is a key issue.

Deal with a reputable agent

You’ve heard the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true…..

Realize that agents are competing for your business and that it’s tempting for an agent to think that he can get the seller more money for a property than the next agent.  At the very least, question the reasoning before listing with a real estate agent who seemingly makes outlandish promises. It’s tempting to think for a moment that you might get a crazy offer, but wouldn’t you really rather stick with someone who offers a realistic plan that adds up on paper.  Selling is house is a process and all good agents know this. A good agent will have a realistic plan to get your home sold.

Create “curb appeal”

Yes, I know, you’ve heard it again and again and there’s a good reason for that. If it’s not appealing from the street, no one will want to come inside and see more. Fix up your front door, screen and garage doors. Clean up outside, cut the lawn, paint the trim, put flowers on the porch, sealcoat the driveway, fix the door latch, caulk the front window, clean the windows, replace or paint the mailbox. Take a photo of the front of your home and then spend a good day or two sprucing up. It will save you money in the long run and get your home sold quicker. If your shutters are falling off, there’s a good chance a potential buyer might notice it. Take the time to look at your home from the buyers point of view and your sale will be that much closer.

Consider using a full service broker/agent

Here is where the discount broker or agent strategy backfires. Real estate agents are human too and like to earn a fair wage for their efforts. All things being equal, if there are two similar homes for sale and one is offering a 5% commission and the other is offering 6%, which home do you think will sell first?  Common sense right?  You’d think so but not always the case. Since commissions are often split between the buyers brokerage and the sellers brokerage 3% and 3% customarily, sometimes an aggressive home seller will offer to pay the buyer broker even more to lure that buyer in. It does sometimes work. But pricing your agent out is usually a sure fire way to get less support, less marketing, and a longer sale time as their focus may wander elsewhere.

Leave your house when an agent is showing your home

You’ve lived in your home a while and who knows its best features better than you.  True? Maybe, but realize that that potential buyer sees things a little differently.  They may be planning on doing major renovations and don’t want to tell you that they really don’t like popcorn ceilings or your moss colored wallpaper will be coming down.  Buyers need time to envision a home as they see it and that’s very hard to do when an eager seller wants to “show them around.”  Let your agent do what you are paying them to do, which is to show the home. A professional agent knows how and when to give a buyer space and room to breathe so they can make those decisions So go enjoy your walk.  If they buyer has questions, or an offer comes in, you will be the first to know.

Offer to pay some closing costs or give something of value

Even with 3 to 5% down FHA loan programs available, many first time home buyers are short of cash when buying their first home. In lieu of offering a greater discount on the price, make a counteroffer that offers to cover some of the buyers closing costs. Since they are most likely financing a good portion of the balance, that extra money you save them might be for their furniture, lawn mower or other initial move in expenses so it may be much more valued than a price concession, since it is essentially money back in their pocket, versus financing it over 30 years.  Remember, everything is negotiable so don’t be afraid to bargain.

It pays to be flexible  

It may be much cheaper to spend 30 days at a relative’s house or local hotel to accommodate the buyers move in date. Be flexible and assure yourself the sale and money in the bank rather than risk your potential buyer moving on to another property because you wanted to close on the last day before school starts. This will not always be possible but if it is, make it a point of negotiation in instead of a lower price.  In general, having some degree of flexibility will help your negotiations move along in the right direction. If you constantly find yourself playing “hardball” with every offer, you may be on the market a while and learn a lot more about real estate than you actually wanted to.  Again, let your agent guide you.    

Be honest and have a realistic attitude

There are always a lot of gray areas and many things in a real estate transaction revolve around trust. Most buyers realize that not every house is perfect, and there will likely be some things that need fixing.  They will also feel a lot better about moving forward in the transaction when they are made aware of those things in a truthful way. Do not lie on the seller’s disclosure. If there is a problem, you need to disclose it (or you may be held liable legally)  

Be a smart seller, invest a little to return a lot
Do a reasonable job fixing the house up and getting ready for sale. Listen to the suggestions that your real agent makes. They know what gets a home sold quickly. Keep your house clean while you are on the market. You could have a showing in an hour. Sure it’s a little work, but you’ll get it sold much faster. Paint rooms neutral colors, clean windows, replace a worn out carpet with a cheap neutral carpet, clean, freshen up your bathrooms and kitchen, don’t display ALL the family pictures, put unnecessary items in temporary storage, get rid of things that are broken, fix that hole in the wall from the door handle, fix the leaky pipe, declutter rooms and closets, rearrange furniture to show off the space in the house, and consider keeping your pet somewhere else when the house is being shown can all help you sell your home with minimal expense.

Sure, you can bake cookies for your open house, bury a St. Joseph statue in the yard, throw a house party, host an art show, throw salt over the doorway, display oranges, and a host of other old tricks, but nothing will get it done as quick as these tips.  

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Mike and Jill Kohler

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What my clients are saying  



~ 2022

Michael is very genuine & honest . He goes the extra mile & always has your best interest in mind . If i have any additional lending or Realtor needs , Michael will be my first choice !


~ M. Jones, Morrisville Pa

Jill was very knowledgeable and helpful during my first home buying. She answered any questions or concerns I had. She was able to walk me through the process from beginning to end and he never rushed or pressured me to make a decision on the house. I would highly recommend using Jill as a real estate agent


~ Denise L, Bensalem Pa

Jill Kohler is remarkable. Not only did she do her job she went above and beyond to help us with refinancing our home and that in itself was a huge project. Unlike many others she stuck with us and helped us every step of the way to refinance our home. SHE IS DEFINITELY TOP NOTCH IN OUR BOOK! We really can't thank her and her associates enough


~ Jen Biddle, Levittown Pa

Mike assisted me with financing the purchase of a condo. From beginning to end he was very responsive to my needs, extremely knowledgeable and helpful about the real estate market and just a pleasure to work with in general. He anticipated and communicated each step in the process of mortgage financing and made it easy for me to understand and qualify for a mortgage. I would work with him again in a heart beat and strongly recommend them to anyone shopping for real estate or a mortgage. Thanks Mike!


~ Bob M, Yardley Pa

Jill is a great person to work with. We refinanced our mortgage and Jill was very persistent on getting everything done. The entire process took about 5 weeks from beginning to end. She knows her stuff and answered any questions we had. I would highly recommend working with her.


~ Dawn S, Fairless Hills, Pa

Jill was awesome to work with. She told us what we needed up front things went as smooth as possible. Jill would always keep us in the loop never a guessing game. Thank you so much.


~ Frank B, Langhorne Pa

Mike and Jill Kohler are the ultimate professionals in the real estate world. Mike and Jill guided us through the entire home-buying process from beginning our search, to understanding our price range (based on credit and income), to finding houses for us, to scheduling walk-throughs and taking us to the houses (sometimes 6 or 7 in a night), to evaluating the properties (to ensure it is worth what they were asking), to making the offer, to finding the best mortgage rate and walking us through the mounds of paperwork, and helping us through all the inspections and requirements that lead to settlement. Buying a house is not an easy process and Mike and Jill Kohler made it as simple and pain-free as anybody could and we could not have asked for a better team!!


~ Jim & Wendy, Bensalem Pa

Mike is a very personable, trustworthy professional. I have worked with him in several capacities over the past 20 years and have appreciated his professionalism, confidence and overall good nature.


~ Bill D, Langhorne Pa

I have talk to Mike several time for advise and he was honest and very knowledgeable on my situations. I would recommend him because he walks you through without making you feel confused.


~ M Deon, Yardley Pa

I was a first time buyer and Jill made it as easy as can be. It was overwhelming but she guided us through to the best of her abilities. Her honesty was key and made me feel very comfortable. The process of buying a home was all brand new to me and without her guidance I would have been lost. She was very professional and new all about the information I had questions with. I would recommend her to anybody when buying a home.


~ Anthony B, Levittown Pa

I have worked with Mike on several occasions. Both with helping to finance my primary residence, but also to seek advice on refinancing, and the possibility of purchasing other properties. I have always enjoyed working with Mike and he has become a trusted advisor. I highly recommend him!


~ John K, Upper Makefield, Pa

The entire process of buying a house, even when you've done your research as I had done, can be unavoidably frustrating and nerve wracking. Jill was there to walk us through every stage, from the agreement of sale, to building inspection, repair requests, to final walk-through, to settlement day. Being a person who does everything in advance, Jill was there to calm me down when I was frustrated by sellers who were, in my eyes, slow to respond. She was continuously an integral part of the process, always pushing the sellers and their agent for the information we needed. Having met 3 other real estate agents in the past, I can say undoubtedly that if you want to find a house that meets your needs, that Jill Kohler is the best person for the job. She's more concerned about your needs as a buyer, than trying to pressure you into buying something you don't quite want.


~ Jimmy Mac, Levittown Pa

Jill, I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work. You listened to what I wanted. We worked out a plan and were able to accomplish my goals. You made the process simplier than I could have imagined. And the communication was amazing. I will definitely refer you to my friends and family. Thank you for everything.


~ Wendy W, Langhorne, Pa

Jill was truly a godsend! She helped us sell my elderly in-law's home, which wasn't easy since we live an hour from the property. No task was too big or small to help us sell in a timely manner. Jill had a strong grasp of local real estate markets, and helped us price and market the property quickly. She also kept an eye on the house in our absence, and kept us informed every step of the way. We simply can't recommend Jill more highly!


~ S Fiorentino, Langhorne Pa

Jill and her husband helped me through a very tough time selling my mother's home. Being a good real estate agent is a great thing and they both were but it is even better when they really support you through it as well. I would highly recommend them.


~ Chris S, Langhorne Pa

We were lucky to find Jill. We had a house floundering on the market (as plenty were at the time) and decided to change realtors. We gave Jill a call. She gave us great advice on staging and even provided us with some of her own things to help with the staging process. She took great photos of our home and we had the house sold a short time later. My husband calls both Jill and Mike with questions about real estate and they are very knowledgeable and always available to us and we really appreciate it! I would recommend Jill Kohler to anyone looking to buy/sell a property.


~ Joann O, Levittown Pa

Jill did a great job understanding exactly what I was looking for. She arranged a full day to see numerous properties that met my requirements. We found the perfect property the first day that we started looking.


~ Tim K, Yardley Pa

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